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This will be a major renovation as the Carriage House is in dire need of a proper foundation (it's on mudsill), and lots of work inside. In 2005, we put a new roof on, so now at least the water damage has been stopped. We won't get to this project until 2008 unless we can find a grant that saves old Carriage houses. Let us know if you have any leads, Thanks!

Carriage House, Image 1

Carriage House, Image 2

Carriage Hay Image

Here's where the hay was hoisted and stored.

Stairs in Carriage House

The stairway to second floor.

Upstairs has two rooms; here's the room on the left.

Left room upstairs Lef room upstairs, image 2

Here's the upstairs room on the right.

Upstairs room right, image 1 Upstairs room, right, image 2

Left: Downstairs has two rooms and something loosely resembling a kitchen.

Carriage House, downstairs, image 1 Carriage House, downstairs, image 2
Carriage House, downstairs, image 3 Carriage House, downstairs, image 4
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